Planning care

Planning the right care services is critical to the quality of life of both the carer and the person they care for. Care within your own home has become the first choice for people of all ages. Many people using our services do so as an alternative to moving into a residential home.

Thinking about meeting your loved one’s needs can feel like a daunting task, but we aim to provide answers to your questions, allaying any concerns you may have.

Why choose Carers Trust Heart of England?
Our services provide assistance to someone in their daily life to give their carer much-needed respite. We enable people to remain in their home, maintaining personal independence, comfort and contact with their local community.

Our services are totally flexible and can be designed to provide just the right amount of assistance required at any given time ranging from a small amount of support to several hours a day or live-in care. Whatever the circumstances, our services can be provided on a temporary, intermittent or long-term basis.

What happens when you contact us?
Our care co-ordinators will discuss your requirements with you and arrangements will be made for an assessor to visit you in the home of the person requiring care.

At that visit your requirements will be discussed in further detail and included within a support plan together with any potential risks that have been identified. These plans are ‘outcome focused’ meaning we work with you to help you achieve the lifestyle you and the person you care for aspire to. The final support plan can then be agreed and a copy will be left with you outlining full details of our services together with a copy of the risk assessment and service users handbook.

A member of the co-ordinating team will then contact you to agree a start date for your service to begin.

Service costs
We provide services that are contracted through Social Services. We can also provide services to those individuals who have direct payments, or wish to self-fund and costs will vary according to your requirements.

Carers in Coventry can also register for our Emergency Care (CRESS) Service which can be accessed for free by contacting us direct.