Emergency care services

Many carers worry about what would happen to the person they care for if they were involved in an emergency situation, suddenly taken ill or prevented from looking after the person they care for at any time.

Carers Response Emergency Support Service (CRESS) is a membership scheme set up to provide an emergency support plan giving carers peace of mind that the person they care for is well looked after in their absence. We will take into account the views and wishes of those carers using this service and be sensitive to the needs of people from all backgrounds.

How does CRESS work?
We will arrange a visit to you and complete an emergency support plan with you and the person you care for. Once your plan has been agreed you will receive a unique membership card to carry with you at all times.

In an emergency we will contact any people you have named in your plan to ensure the person you care for is looked after. Should the named people be unavailable, we will arrange for our qualified care support staff to look after the person for up to 72 hours whilst the emergency is being resolved, enabling social services to arrange any ongoing support, if required.

How much does CRESS cost?
This is a free service funded by Coventry City Council for carers providing regular and substantial care for a person living in Coventry.

How do I apply for CRESS?
Call us on 024 7610 1040 or email info@carerstrusthofe.org.uk and we will arrange a home visit to complete an emergency support plan with you and the person you care for.